Frequently Asked Questions

Will King In The North Be Shown?

Yes. Our plan is to futurity him as a barrel horse in 2024. He will attend both Oregon Horse Center Mountain Trail & Ranch Versatility Shows and local events such as cattle sorting clinics in 2022. We expect King In The North to be a versatile all-around horse and sire. He will likely be shown in other disciplines as time goes on.

Congratulations to King In The North for his placings in Oregon Horse Center's first ranch horse versatility show of 2022

-Champion Level 1 Open

-Reserve Champion Level 1 Amateur

Do you offer a color guarantee?

Yes. King In The North has been genetically tested to be aa Ee Rn/Rn. Should he sire a foal that appears solid and also genetically tests not to carry RN the mare owner will have the option of one free re-breed the year the solid foal is born. The mare owner must genetically test the foal and provide the results to us via email. Collection and Shipping costs will be the mare owner's responsibility.

Can we come meet him in person?

Absolutely, we do not plan to host any open houses at our farm in the coming year, but will be posting on our social medias about activities he will be at throughout the year. You are welcome to come observe him at any of the public events we will be hauling to. 

Current Calendar of Events:

-Oregon Horse Center, Eugene OR, Ranch Horse and Mountain Trail Show July 21-25 '22

-Liberty Clinic in August '22

-OHC Mountain Trail Championship in November '22


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What people have to say about King In The North

"I’m in love with your guy. 
He was so good yesterday. Such a gem of a horse!! And what a wonderful disposition!"

"He has all the right parts excited to see him in a few years."

Marsha H. (Lifelong Horsewoman)

"Wish I got a video of you two…you both looked awesome!! He’s a keeper, for sure"

Shauna B. (Event Rider)